Partner Programs

StreetShare  is more effective than most similar education and encouragement programs because of our partners.  Our partners have all made extra efforts to educate the drivers of their fleet vehicles about these very important but often overlooked laws.  That means thousands more drivers will be driving the speed limit or less and taking care to yield the right of way to pedestrians attempting to cross the street at a crosswalk.  We are always looking for new partner companies, municipalities, government departments, organizations and individuals to join us and take the StreetShare pledge.

The StreetShare  program is flexible enough to work with any organizational structure, big or small, private or public.  Some of our partners like the City of Milwaukee DPW and Milwaukee Police Departments have very large fleets of vehicles and some have very few.  More important than size or structure is commitment to the StreetShare pledge. For more information on becoming a Partner contact Dave Schlabowske, City of Milwaukee Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator by email or phone 414.286.3144

Thanks to these StreetShare Partners below for their efforts to make our streets safer and more pleasant for all road users: